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Saturday, April 01, 2006

These Things I've Done

So, What have i been up to?

lets see,

- there was Johnny Cash/Hank Williams night at Buttermilk:
a crazy collection of half old-school country folk, most of whom were actualy old, and half crazy Brooklyn hipsters. there were about 20 performers including a guy who looked 12, a person playing the slide guitar who was of indeterminate gender, one guy in a tweed blazer who was way too hipster for his own good and who according to cassie only looked good when he was singing. there was also a table full of crazy looking lesbians including the first asian i've ever seen wearing a flanel plad shirt, at this table was also the second gender ambiguous person of the evening. there was also the team of emo boys over in the corner who were wearing the most Wezzer-ish glasses i have ever seen.
we spent a good deal of time there standing the the most akward possition posable. derectly in the way of just about everone in the bar who was trying to get anywhere. we heard many a johnny and Hank song but only one that we actulaly knew. there were also alot of rule breaking by the "band" who kept plaing songs by people who were neither Johnny Cash nore Hank Williams, but still a good time was had by all.

- went out with Katlin last night to Comonwelth the 4th closest bar to our home. (1st being 12th street bar & grill, 2nd Johnny Mack's, 3rd Bar 4, 5th Buttermilk(wich ive been to 4 times in the last month(one more time then ive been to the library))). met some of her fiends and played a few rounds of kill/marry/fuck. including one round of bar patrons that got very confusing. i've now met a person who has had sex in 3 convents and a confessional(that didn't involve priests and small boys). Jamie met us just in time for Katlin's friends to meet her then leave. but we stayed and disscused summer in the city and working with criminals.

- took an epic walk all over park slope to find a decent pair of socks, that did not work out so well. so today i walked up to Target wich is about 2 miles away from my appartment. at least it was a nice day and even when it rained fairly hard for a good ten minutes it wasn't a bad trip plus now i have more socks and won't have to do laundry so damn often.

now i have to see if Katlin still wants to go to Tea Lounge.



At 6:54 AM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

1. kaitlin always wants to go to tea lounge.
2. i miss target more than all of my ex-factors combined. everything here is spread out and non"corporate" in the uk so i have to to go 18 different places for my errands.
3. kaitlin always makes everyone play kill/marry/fuck. she is the queen.
4. i fucking miss you.


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