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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

does the red subway stop at memory lane

yes, yes it does,

today i took a wander around manhattan, stoping at a few oddly nostalgic places.

first stop was the library, wich didn't remind me of anything other then the fact that i have been there 4 times now and i've only lived her for a month. one of the perks of not having cable is that you read alot more. not counting the book i finished reading on the drive down here when i first moved in, i have read 7 books since i moved in here. i also watched a bunch of netflix DVDs and i still keep up with the shows i like through the magic of the internet.

so after the library i went into midtown. to a bookstore (yea i know i spend alot of time at book related places) the name of this bookstore is Book-off it is actualy a japanese chain of used bookstores. being there reminded me of japan, mostly the looking around and not knowing what anything said, but also the fun of flipping through manga you can read just to find the hot boy on boy sex secenes. after a few wanders around their dollar books, which by the way are not nearly as bizzarr or fun as the ones at the strand, i decide i would go to the other stop i had planed.

but first i realized that i was going to walk by the New York Public Library, to wich i had never been, so ofcourse i stopped in. (yea i know i have a problem with books, what do you want from me) the NYPL is a bit of a confusing place but very nice. it's all marble and looks like it could make for a nice tomb if needed. on the top floor they were having a special exibit of historic maps. i was disapointed that they didn't have the Americo Vespucci map that gave the america's their name but they did have a map of london that reminded me of Amy. there were also some groovy Subway maps from the 70s that looked like bad disco versions of the london tube map. but having explored the library i moved on.

the next stop was a clothing store called UniQlo. which is kinda like the Japanese version of H&M. the store was in SoHo a place garenteed to make just about anyone feel poor. especialy if that some one is not geting payed near enugh at his bookstore job to afford anything in about a 30 block radius. but the UniQlo was actulay fairly resonably priced, but it didn't have nearly as much as it's Tokyo cousins but if i find my self in the market for more cloths and have any money that doesn't need to go to food or rent then i will definitly head back.

walking up to houstan street to find an F subway to get home i ran into an American Apparel. i love this store but it always makes me think of how expensive it can be to be socialy responsable, right now and for most of my life sweat shop labor is what i can afford and when i can i will definitly use my money to buy more ethical clothing but for now old navy will have to do. AA also remindes me of Derek. i once accompanied him to another of their locations and we spent a good deal of time looking for shirts for him and had some quality time together in the dresing room where i got to watch him undress and then put on tight t-shirts. we also bought some of their fun colured underwear (i of course have green).

a few blocks later i was at my subway and came home on a rather packed comuter train much like japan only with less asian people.


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you go to more japanese stores
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