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Thursday, April 06, 2006


today was not that great of a day,

first off was the snow, i'm very, very over snow at this point i just want it to be warm and nice out already. but at least today was my day off so i didn't have to go outside in the snow. unfortunatly the only time i left my appartment today was to walk one block away to the mail box to drop off the Netflix DVD i watched this morning. other then that i've been inside all day suffering from an anoying combination of ADD and moddyness. i watched two movies, ate more then i realy needed too and tried to write, which so far feels like a tremendous failure.

at least right now i feel like everything i write is stupid and trivial and that no one will ever want to read my pointles museings. but then i think that thinking like that is way overdramatic and and and even worse cleshe. oy.

and i realy need to find some other kind of job because i don't think i can survive here on just the money BN pays me but every time i look through craigslist i feel like i am compleatly unqualified for everything.

i'm just having one of those days where i'm sure the the only remotly markatble skill i have is my crapy and pointless writing wich no one is ever going to pay me for. which i know isn't true and i know i should just shut up as i am being self indulgent and pathetic.

argh. i definilty need to get out of the house tomrow. any one have any ideas of where i should go?


At 4:05 AM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

my love,
you are an incredible and inspired person. and there will always be moments when you question your work and your young existence and that is natural because you are a sensitive and questioning person. so enjoy your moments of what-the-fuck and use them to write what ever you need to, you'll probably get some incredible work out of it.
we are in our 20s so we don't need to know anything about anything yet. plateaus are fantastic. use them. keep searching for jobs. keep searching for boys. something will come up. b & n is a stepping stone to something fantastic.

you live in the greatest city in the world.
and you are one of my greatest friends.

love you.

At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I keep telling people at my job when they ask me for input . . . I worked at Staples until four months ago.

The fact that you have a piece of paper that says you went to college immediately makes people think you're way more qualified for any job you might have applied for before graduating. Just apply for absolutely everything and something will pan out. If you want help, let me know! In a sick way, the job hunt starts to become kind of fun.

And I think fraggle rock should be mentioned somewhere on your resume. Perhaps.



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