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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fuck MoMA

yea that's right Fuck MoMA

so today to fight the bordom, angst and malise. (yea that's right i said malise want to make something of it?) of yesterday i decided that today i would go to MoMA. as my mother is for no apparent reason a member of MoMA we have a card that gets free admission to the museam. so after a very convienient subway trip from my apartment to the exact block of MoMA i entered their glass and steel edifice. walked through the loby up to the gentalman taking tickets and presented the card.

"you can't use this its for a woman named Rosemary"
"yes i know that's my mother"
"these cards are not transferable."
"but i've gotten in with this before"
"well someone wasn't paying attention"

pretentious elitest snoby art fuck.
so i can't use a card registerd to my mother (who by the way lives about 65 miles away and spends far too much time working on art by some of the same artists housed in their very collection) because what it might cost the MoMA too much to let one poor 23 year old kid in. no instead i am expected to spend $20 to get in. wich is in an of it's self Fucking outragious. the point of a museam is to make art acceable to everyone. i understand that they just got a new building and they do have to employ people and such, but making the entrance fee that high compleatly negates the point of haveing a museam at all. even the student amout of $12 is more then necessary. why can't the rich fucks who can actualy afford to buy art just help finance the fukcing museam or their rediclously over priced high designe trinkest they sell in the museam store.

now i know that it is his job to not let me in, but it is the kind of job where who the Fuck is going to care if he does let me in. obvioulsy nothing if i have be let in 3 previous times all with no obvious earth shattering reprcussions. if that Fuck wad could posably get fired for letting me in with my mother's member card then i would take the firing and start working for a less demonic company.

so instead i wanderd through their over crouded bookshop tried not to stab one of the passing tour groups of highschoolers and was dumped unserimoniously onto 5th ave. a great place for someone who already feels poor to have to walk around. so also Fuck 5th ave.

to fill my now unplaned day i walked from columbus circle to union square.

Fuck MoMA


At 4:03 AM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

i fucked moma once.
he came too quickly and his dick curved a bit to the left.

not interested in oral.

and i had to show my fucking student id.

so over moma.


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