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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things change, and I Had a Plan.

now not so much.
things are spiraling, not really out of control more like out of existence.
tomorrow is my last day at BN and as much as i really (really) am happy about that i felt a lot better about it when i had something lined up after words. today i got the email that i did not in fact get the job that was supposed to conveniently fill in the employment gap left by the BN. now i have to start selling my soul to temp agencies and look again for a job. and I'm just oh so excited to send out 15 resumes and get all of zero responses from any of the people i send them to. i know I'm at least qualified enough to call in for an interview, and at the very least just tell me that you don't want me. sitting and waiting by Gmail every day is starting to cause me physical pain.
Pointlessly successful Subway flirting last night on my way home from voting.
voting results made me feel better. perhaps my country isn't completely screwed. now i just hope we can round up someone decent to run for president in 2 years and really fix this country.
also National Novel Writing Month started last week and so far i have all of 1153 words written (less then two pages) i need to accomplish something soon or my life really will suck.

now that i have no plan i need a job and some kind of motivation.


PS new book review should be up sometime tonight


At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, mister. They suck. Hard.



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