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Friday, August 11, 2006

Fuck Air Travel

so originaly this post was going to be titled "Fuck MoMA Pt. 2" and be about how MoMA won again by being closed on tuesdays thus thwarting another attempt to get into the museam. which i haven't succesfuly entered since i moved down here. and i would also talk about meeting amy's friend Joyce and our fun conversations in the park.

but instead a bunch of people got arrested for ploting another plane terrorist atack and now the new safty guidelines (especilay for us lucky sods who want to go to london) are so rediclous i thought i needed to vent.

basicly from what i've read no liquids of any kind are aloud on the plane. yes i understand that the plot involved liquid based explosives but baning an entire physical state seems a bit unmanagable to me. as the daily show pointed out this evining humans are made of about %75 water so this blanket banning of liquides is a little bit broad.

and from what i gatherd from british airway's site (my airline of choice for this flight) they have simply made a list of things you can bring on the plane. and it is frightiningly short. basicly you can bring your pasport/ID/walet, keys, perscription pills (it would seem that you have to have some kind of proof that liquid medications are what you say they are, how you would achive this i have no idea) sunglasses (without case) tissues, and any baby/feminine hygene products within very narrow limits.

now from one article i read. this means that you can not take on to the plane two things that i was counting on to make my flight not be a boring suck hole of life. books and my MP3 player. if this turns out to be the case (i have sent an e-mail to British Airways to conferm this fact hopeing that these were just exaderated rumors, though i won't be supprised if they turn out not to be.) i think i might cry. i don't understand how this could be a serious threat to air travel, the MP3 player and other electronics posably, they could be taken appart and be used to maybe shock someone or disrupt some vital navigation system, but a book, seriously what am i going to do smack people over the head untill they let me into the cockpit, i doubt it. all i want to do is get some reading done on my flight it is after all around 5 or so hours. this could be the worst flight of my entire life.

i realy hope these restrictions are relaxed to some level of normalcy by monday. i just want to read a book damn it.


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