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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Re: Banjo Player

so who is this Banjo person and why was i so unhappy about him

just the most recent in a long line of people i've fallen for and then discovered were not intrested in me. and more proof that i seem to be incapable of falling for men who even like my gender.

this perticular agent of emotional abuse is the atractive young gentalman who plays the Banjo at Buttermilk's monthly Johnny Cash/Hank Williams night (though this particular evining he was sans banjo). this particular month Me and Jaimie had decided that we were going to perform at the hodown, chosing to sing I Got Stripes. and we did a rather bang up job. not the best rendition of the song but dam good for two amatures who rarly ever sing at microphones. now my particular desire to be involved in this was to use it as an opertunity to hit on said Banjo Player. whom i had compleatly failed to talk to when i saw him at the Brooklyn Country Music Festival a few weeks ago. (the failure was not compleatly my fault as he was working the soundboard and thus unable to be approched for most of the night). unfortunatly the most of the Banjo Player i saw post Jaimie and My performace was him in a distant corner of the bar flirting rather heavaly with some chick, an oppinion that was coroborated by Arusha when she did some reconosince for me.

hence the angry post from that evining.

my problem is that i wish to be more relationshiply active without having to compromise my self. but i keep finding that the only people that i have to chose from to have a relationship with are the kind of people i would rather poke in the eye with a sharp stick and all the people i would like to poke elsewhere are only intrestind in pokeing ladies.
i'm not looking for Mr. Right i'm looking for Mr. Tollorable
but it would appear that i am the most homophobic person i know


ps: sory for the prolonged poke metaphore but it just semed to work.


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