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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

my friends need more (hot gay) friends

so, last night while in the process of inviting people to our housewarming party (which you should attend, unless you are out of the country in which case i shall excuse you) i was told by two seprate friends that i was the only attractive gay friend they had. (i was encouraging them to bring attractive boys for me to try to make out with at my party) one of these people was a former co-worker from when i still lived at home with my parents and i would understand him not having that many attractive gay friends as the area where we live is mostly fat-goth-redneck-getto kids. but the boy goes to FIT which is teaming with gay men, granted most of them are probably tremendously anoying but still there have to be a few intresting gays for him to be friends with.
the other person was Caitlin, unfortunatly i know most of her friends and she's right.

oy, i demand all of my friends go out and make friends with new and attractive gay boys so that you can bring them back to me.



At 6:04 PM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

i don't want any pity slack for not attending your damn party.

here is the problem:
you know too many hipsters.
hipsters are mostly unattractive.
they try to make themselves look so bc they think its more organic but yo face ain't tofu cheese so make it look nicer and wash your hair for once.
beauty does not equal fake. fake equals fake. and black hair dye is fake, FYI.

i brought you a cute one. and if you come visit me, there are more where that came from.


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