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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mini Blogs

so there has been lots of stuff that i wanted to blog but haven't so i'm going to give you a short blizzard of all the things i can think of

-Dan Ruined my life
i spent all of my days off watching House that dan sent me and i will probably spend alot of any future days off doing the same. if any one asks why i don't have a carrer dan is who i will blame
(don't worry i still love you, PS if you could send Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy my roommates will love you forever and i will send you books of your desiring)

-Trivial Pursuit on the roof

This is me loosing (Becky would be so disapointed) also if anyone would like to get us a less obsolete version of Trivial Pursuit that would be amazing also perhaps the game Apples to Apples

-I Leave for London in less then a month
and many of you will be recieving e-mails/myspace mesages/IM/Phone calls requesting updated addresses for postcards and i will be asking you to come up with a mission for me to accomplish while i am in either london or edignfabourioefg (prefrably ones that require me to talk to hot british boys, make an ass of my self, and ones that i can upload photo evidence of while still in the UK) but more on this in up coming missives

-Reason's why it will be very dificult to become a Vegitarian
1-Sushi (espicaly eating sushi with amy)
3-Tacos (bad greesy ones)
4-Turky/Rost Beef sammiches
5-I don't know how to cook enugh Vegitibles/ or like to eat enugh Vegitibles

-Resons that i will NEVER be able to be a Vegan
1-Omletts (see sushi)
2-Cheese ( mack n', Grilled, etc.)
3-Ice Creme
4-Alfredo sauce
5-It just takes too much damn effort to figure out what has "animal by-products" in it

ok thats it for now i will come up with more stuff later. right now i need to sleep and read more of my book club book Oh The Glory of it All


At 6:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you dont even know how to spell vegetables!!!

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Dan said...

Seasons I Have:

Grey's Anatomy Seasons 1 & 2
Scrubs Seasons 1-5
Hustle Seasons 1-3
The West Wing (yes, I know) Seasons 1-3
Nip/Tuck Season 1
Grey's Anatomy will be on the way on Monday. Anything else?


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