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Friday, July 14, 2006

I Got Drunk and Became a Vegitarian and and Optimist.

so, mike G was bartending at this "intresting" Bar on third and 13th so i decide to check it out and run in to a bunch of Hof kids. Meridith and Britwane(SP?) and watched a wierd combination of people including a bunch of frat nerds discussing with his realy boy-ish looking girlfriend where to go on vacation. there were also a bunch of japanese ladies who had just come from a birthday party and one of htem instantly passed out on the couch next to ours.
not long after Mikey got released from the bar me Mer and Brit decide to head out. i say good bye to mike and Taylor, the queen of Hof's indi scene who i used to dislike and now that i have actualy had the opertunity to talk with her i actualy enjoy. so i decided to go up to Union square and do some food shopping before i head home. Trader Joe's is still open so i start wandering around. food shopping drunk is a little fun, i noticed i picked out things a little randomly but i also for some reason decided while at TJ's to become a vegitiarian. and so none of the purchaces i made tonight involved the death of an animal. i still have a bunch of cans of tuna here and some frozen fish but i think i might make an effort to become a veg. its and idea i agree with and support and just haven't had the motivation to try to realy do. i don't know how long i will last, i will definitly miss alot of things but i'm going to try.
and the notriously chatty TJ's cahiers was an intresting expeariance as i was not realy in a condition to pay attention. but i was definitly in a good mood about the whole experiance and was very enthused whe he suggested a rock show that was occuring this weekend. of course i can't remember what the name of the club he said was. but just the gesture made me quite uplifted about people in general. a feeling that i'm sure will disapate tomorow when i have to talk to them again.
got home and drank some more on the roof. then some cloves and other leafy substances and now i'm happy and giggly and sleepy.

and i have work tomrow at 845

PS me and the roomies (+ Cassie) all brushing our teeth together

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Oh pigeons. And it's completely platonic.



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