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Sunday, July 02, 2006

My Rage, at Least it Keeps Me Thin

today when i got home from work i was starving. and it wasn't because i ate two slices of pizza on my break, or that i ate just before leaving for work, or that i actualy had a real breakfast this morning, a home made omlet (which reminded me of you amy)
and it wasn't because i spent most of my day, much like any other day, walking around in increasingly pointless cirlcles (though that probably did have something to do with it)

i was starving because of the amout of energy my body burns up in varying levels of rage.

Most days it takes about 10-25 seconds after ariving at work before i start to get annoyed and by the time i'm down stairs where i work i'm usaly already at the point where my coworkers notice my fury. it's usualy due to the people who love to make sudden stops in the middle of high traffic areas right at the front of the store when i am trying to punch in or get to the escalator. though there are the times when it is people who suddenly make a compleat 180 and walk face first into me and then look at me like i just smacked them in the face.

so a list of the things that inraged me today (in no particular order)

-My usless coworker. he wasn't even there today but just the fact that i had to work with him for the last two nights in a row and his Uslessness tends to seep into days he isn't even there.

-Kids with lists of summer reading who obvioulsy don't read normaly. evidenced by "which of these books is the shortest?" or "Do you have 1978 by some guy named Orwin"

-The kids who send there non-english speaking parents to get their books for them, only providing a small scrap of paper with an indecifrable collection of words that may (but usaly don't) add up to a real book and author and combination. now i have no problem with the non-english speaking parents, but if you know that your parents don't speak well wouldn't it make more sence for you to come in and get your books as you both know what you want (assumably) and can comunicate that much more effectivly. if you are going to send parents who don't have that strong of a communication skill in english then give them either the orriginal school list or a god damn ISBN number

-Teenagers who take the sex book to back corners and giggle about them. first of all why do this in groups of like five? second of all if you haven't heard about the internet and how to get porn from it you are an idiot and probably shouldn't procreat.

-Basicly teenagers in general. the ones who don't anoy me are usaly the ones that i find attractive and constantly have to remind my self that they are too young

-The hot guy who refused to flirt back with me after i descoverd that he likes my favoret book and wasn't 16

-The mothers of kids with lists. who insist on taking everybook on their childs list and then deciding (usaly for the child who is trying not to think about how much of an emotional scar this event will have on them in the future) which ones their child will read. and the ones who feel the need to buy every review book for what ever test their child is takeing even if that child isn't takeing that test untill the end of the next school year.

-Medical books and all persons, publishers, customres, authors associated with them. nothing is more anoying then a doctor who assumes he knows more then you trying to tell you how to find his book for him when all he has are the words "Medical" and "Diagnosis" for a title and no author or publisher. you may be able to do a bovine heart valve graft but leave the book finding up to me jackass.


ok i'm going to stop there because i need to go to bed and i think i have burnt out most of my rage for the day
tomorow i make a triuphant return to the island for the wedding of Heaton and Elise



At 5:13 PM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

awwwwwwwww my baby.


i was upset today because i had to decide if i wanted my massage before or after my mango pinepple icecream.

so i can sympathise.



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