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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Look at the Time

so as im sure you notice by the little time indicator it is quite early (if my blog is not set up to post the time of entries it is curently 4:19AM)

i worked till midnight and i have to be at work at 8:45 and when i got home from work i wanted to finish reading the book i had borrowed from work (mostly because it was a teen fiction novel and i didn't wan't it to take me more then a day to read it) so i decided to just not sleep at all. this is probably not a good idea but whatever.

also none of my roomates are home, again. and i havent seen jack in like a week. i think before i went to heaton's wedding.
i am also sunburnt wich is more anoying then i thought it would be. and will probably only result in more freckles and not the pale reducing effects i was aiming for.

i'm schedualing my Vacation time. i have two weeks, which just seems strange but i could definitly use it. so if anyone has any intresting ideas on where i should go(keep in mind i am very close to broke) feel free to sugest them. also if anyone would like to come visit me you should let me know. i'm aming for the two weeks begining on August 10 (as that is when Erin returns to Beacon before she moves to Iowa) if any one would like to schedaul some greenie vacation time let me know soon. i have to take my vaca before august 31st. so you realy don't have many options.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger L.L.COOL J.= Ladies Love Cool Jes said...

let's take a drive north, or a driv south, maybe pitch a tent or something. we can be "butch", I already own the flannel shirts, ha ha ha....


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