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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pride Post as Promised

So as Promised i will stop Procrastinating and get to telling you about my weekend.

Pre-Party i did some shopping. mostly of the booze and snacks variety. but as i was wandering this lovely neigherbhood i decided to finaly stop into the Brooklyn Industries store. they have some nice stuff but not within my means as a lowly bookseller (PS i didn't get that job i interviewed for and the only reason i found out was because the guy in my book club who told me about the Postition told me they had hired some one, i could write a whole rant on how messed up the job interview Prossess is) so i bailed from there and continued on my treck for foodstufs. this time i also decided to check out what 4Play brooklyn was all about. it caries mostly fake retro stuff at un-necessary prices but near the rather skimpy sale section they had belts. and hanging right in front was a beautiful green spiky belt. now not that many People know that i have wanted one of those spikey belts for a very long time. i just think there so hot and Punk/emo (and i know there is a whole Poser issue in here but i will save that tedious discussion of who is "Truly" Punk for the elitist at interpunk forums). it didn't have a price on it so for a moment i was diswaied from my course but i asked one of the trendy (Please read this as an insult) ladies at the counter how much was that belt and was rewarded with a Price of $19. granted i still Probably shouldn't but i could not pass this up. so belt in tow i got some chips and such for the party and returned home. and imediatly put on the belt

Fast Forward through some realy impresivly fast and through cleaning by Jamie and Arusha to the Party.

it was nice because most of the People that i invited were coming late so at the begining i could just hang out and enjoy things not worying about keeping my guests entertained. though i did have to defend my music from brad who keept switching his iPod for my MP3 player. (eventualy i conceded as his music is a lot more party oriented then mine and still good). jack got back from work and cassie from her play (seeing, not in, though her roomate was in it). Me Jack Jaimie and Arusha did a house shot. i talked to a bunch of random Weslian kids. this party our living room actuly got alot of Play as it was substantialy cooler then the dining room and with the fan going was a realy comfortable room. Greg from work (see previous entry about making out with him) we hung out with cassie for a while. they talked about all things drama and i interjected my own coments. i was a little nervious about him being there because we haven't realy talked about making out and he's leaving (left) for Portland on wednesday and not entirely sure when/if he's coming back.

there was a bunch of Party like stuff and a little after midnight miss jess hoffman showed up and the Party was kicked up a notch. then my friend Jordan from my old Newburgh BN and his friend named Guy came and i gave them the tour (i think, i was starting to get prity drunk by then). i introuduced them around and we started to talk about his new apartment and the BN he works at (Lincon Center, which except for the rediclous comute sounds like a realy fun place to work). at some point Jaimie and Brad and his Boyfriend (who's name i can't remember) went up to the roof and i dicided it was a good idea to go up and join them. i'd never been on our roof before so that was a fun experiance. i was way more drunk then i should have been and ventured far too close to the edge at one point. but there is a nice set of tables up there and some grills and we sat around and watched Jaimie drink from "Big birtha" and had a delightful finalie to the evining.

i don't remember too much after that. i made jordan a drink and we talked about music, i kind of wonder how coherent i was. but that's not that important. it was nice to see him again he was one of my favorit people from BN Newburgh.

the next morning i woke up face first in my bed (which was nice) hung over (which wasn't but was expected) after a bit of recovery and breakfast me Jess, Brad and his boyfriend made the trip out to the East Village for the Pride Parade. i should mention that Jess started drinking as soon as she woke up and brough 2 cans of PBR to the Parade.

we found a place to watch and stood around waiting for the parde to get to us. and i was instantly reminded that i hate most gay people (i know that's bad of me to say but its true) there were alot of the crazy extreamly proud getto teenagers, old butch lesbian couples, undresed underaged hyper overexcited kids, middle aged gay men oggling said underaged kids. and a pantheion of gay steriotypes.

the Parade it's self was fun. it started out with the Dykes on Bikes and Jess got realy excited. then there were more gay people on motorcylces and then a bunch of anoying people in mazdas who were stoped in front of us for a long time and just continued to be anoying for longer then my snoby elitest self could apreciate. there were marching bands, flag dancers, gay policemen and firemen (who got alot of aplause, which makes me think that those right wing freaks should realize that we aren't out to destroy law and order) there were floats for all kinds of centers and orginizations with intresting combinations of people and dress on them.

after watching a good chunck of a very long Parade we met up with jaimie and had mexican on 6th and then me and jess walked over to the street fair. we grabed a bunch of free stuff and tried to get through all the crouds of crazy people. i ran into Greg for a quick moment and i also ran into mike glennon which was nice. i finaly got to meet howie (who is quite hot i must say, you go mike). after a swing through the street fair me and jess decided to go home as we were exausted and it was 7:30 we did stop at the oscar wild book shop on our way. its a realy nice place, it's like a mini gay version of work.

so it was a good Pride weekend. i saw a lot of nipples (most of them creepy and attached to old or crazy people) and generaly had a good time.

that was my weekend. and this was a long post. enjoy


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