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Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Triptych Blog: Part One, Clearification

Ok so in honnor of amy's recent trip to the Trienial at the Tate (i think it's the Tate it could be another museam you should ask her about it) today's blog will come in three parts.

it's also due to the fact that our internet was being a bitch last night. or more acuratly i was still using the internet we pirate from Deardra and hadn't set up our wireless network yet.

so first i will put in the stuff i wrote down in this note book when i got home from Caitlin's party. it will be slightly edited (not for spelling as you may have realized i don't care about acurate spelling) mostly for my own embarisment as some of the stuff i have written would make me look bad.
all edits will be made in red

so on with the show


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