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Friday, June 09, 2006

Four Homos, A Bookstore, and a Parade

so, in an amazing conincidence (or as greg believes conspiracy) all of BN Park Slope's mos vocaly gay emploies. (there are those we have our suspisions about who have not made any declarations) anyway. all four of us: greg, the paistry chef, the lesbian who got my lead position and me are all sechedualed to work the closing shift together on saturday night. which would not be that big a problem if it was not also the night of the Brooklyn Gay Pride Parade. which none of us realized untill recently. so we spent yesterday trying to find people to cover our shifts.
unfortunatly another part of the coincidence/conspiracy is that everybody who isn't working that day. requested it off, or is on vacation. this is the bigest problem with being understaffed, no one can get a fucking shift coverd. so we 've been making the managers call up people and are about to resort to begging to get people to switch with us so that we can work early and make the night parade. i'm not sure if it will work. i have a feeling that one of us is going to have to keep our shift and just sit out the parade. which is a bummer but i will probably volunteer as that is just the kind of guy i am.
and i have a job interview on monday so i could be gone soon.
god i hope so.



At 7:06 PM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

that's horse shit.

i will write a letter.
tell me where to send it.


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