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Friday, June 23, 2006

Things I Have Done Recently

-was involed a kitten health emergencey and knowing where a good animal hospital in Park Slope sure helped out
-went to a mets game
-went to work alot
-helped to console my roomate after her breakup
-went for a run in the park
-made ten dollars helping my roomate transport a nice (functioning) set of drawers back to our appartment
-hatted my job
-still not gotten a call from the place where i interviewed last week (though i did call them and left a voicemail)
-bought more books then i should have
-went to a birtday BBQ for a guy i work with
-went to the bar post BBQ
-made out with cute boy i work with at said bar

there is more and some things inbetween but for now this will have to do as i am late for work


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