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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Long Fake Weekend

One of the few nice things about a retail schedual is that i often get to have my weekend in the middle of the week. which means that i can (theoreticly) get more done, with less people around also haveing the day off and doing all those weekend things.

this weekend i accomplished much

-watche Cochella documentary featureing my personal favorite Bright Eyes and a bunch of other crazy indie bands rockin' out in a delightful grass field
-got a mini batch of laundry done including my sheets and some towels. i almost didn't, my lazyness almost won out.
-did various houshold things like the dishes and cleaning my room.
-met up with Catlin and her awsome boyfriend Matt and had dinner here in the slope at a rediculously purple dining establishment named Beet.
-F trained to the bar where Joe works for way too many free drinks. the bar has a stupid name (Fuel Ray, which is aparently the name of a fish) Joe made me fun gin drinks, inluding a mojito and something that involved redbull and tasted like a jollyrancher. i also had a fair amout of Matt's scotch for no apparent reason.
-deciding that i was too enebriated to return to my appartment by my self (and remembering the New Years story from jan 2005)
i hopped into the cab with Caitlin and Co. and returned to her appartment where i slept on the couch.
-wrote the aforemention line of prose on my leg with a magic marker and then went to sleep
-spent most of the morning trying to keep her new kitty "Scout" from eating my face, fingers, and toes.
-esscorted Caitlin to her first dog walking with Matt being my own personal Farnsworth Bently
-chai at New York Muffin
-tea room breakfast with the grumpy Joe
-call from publishing company about a job interivew
-call back publishing compay set up interview
-watch crazy french sex movie

the end
so now i have a job interview on monday and i'm realy hopeful about it.
and this weekend is Brooklyn Pride parade which should be going by my appartment.

fun fun


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