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Friday, June 16, 2006

Too Much Music, Too Many Books

so what did i do with my day off, went to the used bookstores of course. cause i need more books. i spent over 40 on books today. and i still have three books out from the library and a bookshelf filled with books. and at least three boxes of books back at home.

My name is greenie and i am a bookaholic.

on that note i should anouce my upcoming spinnoff blog (assuming i ever get off my ass and start it)
Greenie's Review of Books

starting some day soon.
i don't know what the first book i will reviw will be but it will be a good review i promice

till then i'm still waiting to see if i have a real job
god i hope they call me back



At 2:28 AM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

i'm alive. i'm sorry.

miss you.



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