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Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Triptych Blog: Part Three, Tonight

i realy do like the bullet point format. but onward and upward.

so yes yesterday began the weekend of fun and doom and other rediclous adjctives.
caitlin's party was great, her theam was amazing, Summer Camp. of courese only a 1/4 of the people who showed actulay respected the theam. then there were the other hippsters who just showed up. the same people who keep showing up at caitlin's parties even though the never seem to be having fun or talk to anyone other then the people who they came with.
Caitlin's boyfriend continues to be amazing and nice to look at too. we bonded over the increadibly anoying guy who whould not shut the fuck up about how he was a "writer" he was one of the single worst WORST people i have ever met. he was a loud drunk who for no apparent reason would attmpt to rap and beat box and talk about where he had been published me and matt both decided that he needed to not exist and attempted to convince him to kill himself to improve his art. but allass he did not fall for it, instead we kept running away from him.
and once all four of the gay guys in caitlin's social circle had arived and i rememberd that i don't really want to sleep with any of them ever and most of them i don't even realy want to talk to (Glennon being the exception, we had a nice conversation about writers and McSweeney's) and then Madona came on the playlist i knew it was time to leave.

PS: I wone the bake off as i was the only one who brough anything and they were some damned amazing brownies

a brief chat with Matt in the stairwell where he was hiding from the "writer" and the jam packed appartment of hippsters i headed home.

as for today. i prepared for the long walk to target to get a wireless router to hopefuly alevieate our pirate status. but lucaly there is a radioshack right across from where i work so i spent most of the time i saved by going to the two used bookstores further up the road.

quite the hubbub around here we all have things to do and people to meet and call and give directions too

so far all of my HS friends are not comming. wich is a little bit of a bummer but what ever
but derek is comming which is very nice
and a bunch of people i don't know are comming wich will be something
good or bad i won't know untill i meet them

ok time to finish off this triptych

the next post will be post
-clash of my personal sexual history
-clash of hofstra/weslian
-housewarming party sans amy (sad)
-post second drunk night in a row
-post we actualy live here

yea i live in brooklyn


At 12:16 PM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

Meggtvi***196: what is bk?

that's my mom.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

ok what the fuck where is your post for the ho's warming.

i was totally there by the way, you must have missed me.

At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's lying. I distinctingly remember Asians being an under-represented miniority at the party.



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