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Friday, May 05, 2006

So How Are Things?

um, things? they are well OK. but just OK. yesterday was my first day off after 7 days of working so that wasn't that great but the day off was nice i did almost nothing. as for work it has come time for me to seriously consider leaving the retail book world, as i may have told you there was a promotion avalabel at work and i went for it as i can not live on the amout they pay me and i am geting dreadfuly bord in the low level position i am in. but unfortunatly the position went to someonelse, of course in park slope it's a lesbian, stupid lesbians. so if you hear of any positions avalable at intresting companies that i might be qualified for drop me a line (i'd like something in the publishing world, as i have already demonstrated i do love me some books). as for my day off it went well enugh, i didn't leave the apartment at all, which was nice. i slept in and watched alot of TV and spent alot of the day sitting in the livingroom with the window open to the nice prospect park air (yesterday was quite warm) and trying to write. i got through an old story i wrote and fixed it up. if anyone is intrested in reading it and telling me how good/awful it is i can e-mail it to you. so i got some good news today in my lovely Gmail account, my favorit author (non american) Murakami Haruki (whom i wrote my honors theisis on, which i tell every one i see at work holding his books) is releasing a book of short stories in august, which i already know as i like to keep ontop of book realated news. the good news is two fold A: Chip Kidd will be doing the cover designe for this collection as you may or may not know Mr. Kidd had designed the covers of alot of the books i love and has also written a book of his own that i read on the recomendation of amy and it was fantastic so i look forward to see what he will do for this book cover. B: Murakami's latest novel (which came out in Japan like 2 years ago) wich was originaly supposed to come out in 2010 is now set for releace in the summer of 2007 (which is still far away but better then 5 years away).

other then that i am looking forward to the weekend as i am going home to visit my parents and probably go to H&M with my mom, where if she is as awsome a mom as she usaly is she will buy me things.

and i have been exersizing so i can't wait to see where that is going



At 9:36 PM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

ooooh boobie i love your mom too. she's bitching. chedder biscuits at red lobster i'll never forget.

fucking yeah chip kidd. good shit.

greenie if we move to new zealand you'll really be a kiwi.


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