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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

You Have One New Voicemail

so this story actualy starts yesterday while i was at work.

standing at the Info desk right next to the Gay&Lesbian books is usaly not that exciting. it's mostly old guys and lesbians who venture over there. but yesterday a very sexy boy starts to paruse the shelves and as the diligent Bookseller that i am i asked if there was anything i could help him find. he replied that he was ok, but there was quite the lingering eye-contact. not being good at the making of first moves i did not follow up with any "would you like me to help you find my phone number" lines. instead i went on my break and as i was assending the escalator to go get my usual two slices of pizza for lunch he and i made further flirtatious eyecontact. i return to the basement breakroom with my pizza and eat. finishing that i decide to go upstairs to read some magazines for the rest of my break. on my way up the escalator the boy is on his way down, there is further eye-contact as i make my way to street level. grabing a copy of the new Wired, hopeing to read an intrsting article about Al Gore, i lean against one of the pillars near the magazine racks. as a coworker is saying hello who should arive but the sexy boy i've been crosing paths with.
"so can i stop chasing you around the store now?"
-cute akward laugh-
"hi, my name is alex"
"hello, so what are you reading?"(yes i asked such a stupid question what do you expect of me)
"oh, just some trashy gay sex novel"
"those are fun, there's some great teen fiction about gay kids"(yep, i'm this akward)
"that's cool, so would it be too forward of me to ask for your number?"
"no, not at all"
"your not seeing anyone are you?"(internaly i laugh at such a silly question)
"haha, no, here" i hand him a post-it note with my number on it

he leaves with his friends as i try to go back to an increaibly boring article about Al Gore.
instead i go and tell al my coworkers about the hot boy who asked for my number

part two
today when i get off of work i have the plesent suprise of a voice mail on my cell. something that is already exciting as i never get voicemail let alone at work. an experiance made more exciting by the fact that this voicemail is from the previous day's boy
so when i return home, after telling my very excited roomates about the whole expriance, i return the call

the result of wich is my exciting news
tomorow i have a date


At 2:02 AM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

my friends are hot and sexy and fantastic. if i liked boys, i would totally stalk you at bn.
think about how you brought excitement to his day, and how he went home and told his friends about the boy he picked up at bn.

i love it. well done. you send me a myspace link as soon as you get it.

At 2:08 AM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

ps shut up i totally leave you voicemails.

At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...




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