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Friday, June 02, 2006

Dispatches from W-Burgh

so it's been a while.

lets start with an update.
the boy from the previous post, the one i met at work. we had two dates before i realized i wasn't intrested in him enugh to keep waisting his time. he was very nice and he was intresting but we didn't have enugh in common to have a realy good conversation and i just wasn't that attracted to him. so i told him so. of course i was tremendously neurotic about it. i had a long conversation with amy about how i'm woried that i didn't like him because i'm crazy and just don't like anyone who actualy likes me and that i will never finde someone. then amy reminded me that i'm not that crazy and that i will find someone and that when it is right i will know it.

without that girl i know i would go crazy. she always knows what to tell me so that i don't let my crazy mind take over and freak me out about my life. she believes in me even when i don't.

Happy B-day hot stuff.

other things that have happend in my life.
boring weekend at home alone.
great memorial day picknick with the roomies and Jess and some frizzbe and wierd park slope kids.
too many books, i spent two whole days at work moving the entire computer section, which was nicely engrosing but alot anoying. it made the day go fast but it required alot more then i usaly have to give at work.

then came my two days off.
yesterday was a mini library trip. i love walking along the park up to the library with my MP3 player giving me a soundtrack. i didn't check anything out because i'm trying to finish the books i still have out and then get to some of the books on my bookshelf and i have a bookclub now and i need to make sure i read that book too.
from the library i walked to the Atlantic center which houses the target. i needed shorts. the only pair i have were old dress pants that i cut off and they look a little silly and i needed a second pair because its starting to get damn hott. so after abunch of wandering around the other crazy stores in the Atlantic center i went to target and grabed a pair of generic cargo shorts for like $17 better then the $24 at old navy for basicly the same thing. i also got two polo shirts and a bunch of kitchen stuff we needed.
then there was the long walk home from so far away.
watched netflix movies, Garson Stupid(intresting french movie about a slutty teenage boy) and Transamerica which was amazing. first of all i love felicity huffman (Dana for you Sports Night freak(like me)). and the story was so intresting and moving and funny and just realy well done. it doesnt hurt that the kid who plays her son is hot and spends alot of time naked or very close to it.

today was filled with more books.
first a trip to the post office and the longes line ever to send out a B-day card that will almost definitly be late (sory dan i tried).
then a tour of the indi bookshops on 7th
ended up with five more books to add to my bookshelf.
-the history of ideas
-outline of my lover
-brief interviews with hideous men
-take the canolli
-a paris review with an interview of Murakami
back home i got all domestic and did the dishes and cleaned my room.

and now i'm up in williamsburgh helping caitlin remodel (which translates to i put up her curtins that had fallen down and nailed a shelf to the wall) there was some laundry and a great conversation about hopes and fears and rolemodels and what we want for the world. now i'm watching her clean her room for her very hot boyfriend who is comeing down this weekend and staying for a while. i'm also being throughly entertaind by her new kitten who is running around and attacking thins. he's so cute.

working for the next four days. then maybe doing some other stuff. well see.

there is an up coming party
i will keep you posted.



At 4:00 AM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

i love you and your paranoia in missing my birthday


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