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Sunday, May 21, 2006

100 Things to do in the Next 30 Years: Part 1

1. write a novel. i have plenty of ideas and i'm geting alot closer to actualy starting them. so hopefuly this will happen.

2. Write a movie. i also have ideas for this but i also don't realy know how to write a Screneplay and so i will have to reasearch that but i think if i can get the first one done this one should become alot easier.

3. Become head writer for a TV show. for this i don't have one particular project but a lot of little ideas that i would like to use. most coming from my time at the Hof. this definitly won't happen untill i acomplish number 2.

4. Write a Video game. i've had this crazy/awsome idea for a Final Fantasy style RPG that i've been working on for a long time but i have no idea how one even goes about pitching an idea for a video game or even how to write it up. so this has the potential to never happen.

5. move to San Diego. I'm still not sure why i want to move to San Diego specifily but i know i want to live in California at some point and i want to live near a beach. though i'm not usaly a beach person but i feel the desire to become one. and i do love me some beachie surfer boys.

6. have a house/apartment with a library in it. and a big one, one that can fit not only all the books i already own, but all the ones that i would buy if i had the money and my dad's record collection and my CD collection. i have alot of stuff and i wish i had a good place to put it all. i'm thinking of buying an old library and turing it into a realy eclectic house.

7. learn to skatebord. this i migh accomplish tomrow morning, unless i oversleep or just wuss out. i plan on taking the skatebord i found the other night out to the park to see if i can get anywhere without killing my self. this could be amusing. i should get someone to take video of it.

that's it for now. i'm going to leave it at 7 in honor of the graduating (posably right now) Caitlin and because i can't think of any other things i want to get done in the next 30 years right now. these are the big ones. when i come up with more i will update you. till then if anyone would like to help make any of these happen please feel free to do so.



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