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Saturday, May 13, 2006

in honor

so, beacause of the recent discovery that this (the whole "So, ...(rest of sentance)" thing) is appparently my style i have decided to do this whole entry in that style

so, guy from work. things are going well, i think. we all went out tonight and i spent alot of time with him and we sort of started to have that whole legs touching under the table thing going on but im not sure where it is going or if i want it to go anywhere. we shall see.

so, old guy now no longer works at my BN good good. soon hopefuly i wont either, that is assuming one of the people i sent my resume to will ever send me anything back.

so, on the walk home found a skatebord on the side of the road with the trash, it works and i have taken it as a signe that i should actualy learn how to ride it so that i can be one of the hot skatebord guys that i love.

so, i realy dont want to be a 37 year old still working at BN and writing a novel about my youth so i realy need to start working on something and now. i actualy wrote the opening paragraph to what might become "my novel" and now i just need to write the rest.

but for now sleep.


PS: so, for some reason my directional keys and the apostrophy key are not working so thats why there is not apostrophies in any of my conjuctions. i dont understand why this is and i hope it fixes its self by tomrow.


At 8:28 PM, Blogger AmyMihyang said...

so, you're doing good, kid.

so, that boy, according to myspace, is pretty cute.

so, you won't be a bn failure, i promise.

so, when do i get to hug you?

At 10:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love your ps. in this post. nerdy mcnerderson!


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