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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yesterday's Entry

or, as it should more acuralty be called, the day before yesterday's entry, as i will not finish writing it and posting it untill after midnight.

so, random derek visit on wednesday. we met up and wonderd around chelsea. it was nice to see him again and we had fin trying to decide what free things there were to do. we ended up checking out this wierd "exibit" of this futureistic material that is made from 100% renuable resourses. though they never made it quite clear what those ingreadiants were, though i do know that corn is involved. there were some intresting displays of it's use. including a compleatly recyclable mattress and some intresting chairs. there was also biodegradable plastic though i'm still not sure how that works.

then we headed over to "The Center" the (The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center) where there was a realy poorly placed exibit called "Sex Worker Visions" which had some intresting peices but they were put up in an internet center so we had to stand over people at computers checking their mail to see the art. alot of it was good and both me and Derek enjoy the concept of sexworker and especialy how they view their own work and there was a lot of intresting takes on that in this exibit but we didn't stay long.

our next stop was a gay bookstore. where being the pair of homos we are we looked at art books filled with naked boys and Derek baught a realy gay shirt (that does look quite good on him) and a jockstrap. and i tried to not roll my eyes at the crapy disco remixes they were plaing over head.

so we ate tacos at Chipotles and returned to the hotel where Derek was staying with Jimmy. Derek was supposed to go out to dinner with Jimmy but decided to hang out with me till i was supposed to leave and meet up with Tim to see his brother's band. but mostly it was me trying not to grope Derek while he took a nap and then me yelling at mary cheny on CNN because she is a trator.

so finaly Derek decides that he needs to buy some gin so that he can compete in a hot boy contest at the club he wants to go to so i accompinie him. on the way i call Tim to see if he is at the bar where his brother is playing. he is so after Derek buys his gin i head for the subway to make the treck out to Williamsburgh.

after barly rembering the name of the bar (Trash Bar) i navigate W-burgh's crazy streets and find it. just in time for Tim and his possie to arive. Tim introduces me to all his friends and then i reminde him that i have already met his brother. then Dian arives. this is the girl who he has been refering to as "the corpse" for about as long as he's talked to me about her. this is also the first time i meet her and i try to not let it show how much i dislike the idea of her, and i succede quite well i must say.

we head off in search of food and to get closer to the hipsters so that we can make fun of them. there are alot of myspace jokes and we meet up with Tim's realy nerdy friend from geology classes at hofstra. we returned to the bar and awaited the two bands that were to play before Tandem Mouse (Tim's brother's band) played.

the first band was ok, their lirics could use some work but they definitly had potential. the second band was like "a bad mix of Rush and Metalica" according to Tim. to wich i say, is there a good way to mix those. after entirly too much of this band the little stage space cleared out as Tandem Mouse got set up. and not that many people returned to see them play. they were a very energetic band. very hardcore screamy and not my favorit kind of music but they were enjoyable to watch as they flailed aoround alot, nearly strangeled and/or triped each other with various cords and generaly made a mess of the place. which to our enjoyment thoughly pissed off the sound guy who looked like the child of Bowie and a chicken and was way over hipstered.

since no one stuck around for Tandem Mouse. Tim and the jersy possie headed out to the main bar after their set and we ate free tater-tots (note to self: return to bar that has free tater-tots). i was exaused and had a library book i needed to renew before midnight so i headed home.

and yesterday (actual yesterday, as in Thursday) i did a lot of nothing.



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So, when are we going to Tator Tot bar?



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