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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

what the hell is this


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

this isn't technicly two posts in one day because i started to write the last one two days ago

I'm not sure if This makes me hungry or makes me want to vomit
but i do think that amy will at least apreciat the sentament

as for me i am content with my realy cheep chinese place that only has a five dollar minimum for ordering and is only two blocks away so the food takes less then a half hour

Me and Jack have already orderd from there 3 times in the last week.

Park Slope Rules
except for all the cops at Bar 4 last night
What the hell was that all about


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mind Altering Substances and Muppet Flashbacks

So what is the most fun a bunch of recent (10 monts) college graduates who are variously employed and enjoying their new Park Dope appartment to do on a friday night

Get stoned and watch Fraggle Rock.

so things we as a generation learned from the Fraggles

  1. Emo: Gobo is the infant version of all things emotional and music related. evidance lyrics such as these:
You tell me you got troubles, brother.

Let me tell you mine.

Take your crummy troubles, brother.

Hang 'em on the line.

All day long I count my blessings,
Can't get up to one.
All day long I see my trouble,
Pile up by the ton.

Why does trouble seem to double,
Till I can't get free?
Just can't be the me I wanna be.
Just can't be the me I wanna be.

Just as Emo as any song by one of my (tragicly) favorit bands and the fact that the Muppets eyes look like they are perpetualy wearing eye-liner just makes the point

  1. we also learned alot of our nerosis and paranoia and neetfreakyness(sic) from them too.a character named of all things Boober is obsessed with laundry. to an almost clinical degree. i feel that it is not a coincidence

that soon after this show became populare people started to douse their children in antibactirial lotions.

  1. and all of our activism comes from here too. see the eppisode called "the preachification of convincing john" in wich the kind harted Mokey tries to get everyone to stop eating doozer constructions, a subtle portent of veganism.

Even the theme song alone says alot about us.

Dance your cares away,
Worry's for another day.
Let the music play,
Down at Fraggle Rock.

Work your cares away,
Dancing's for another day.
Let the Fraggles play,
We're Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, Red.

the first verse probably explains why we go to clubs so much and just generaly love to party.

and the second explains our obsession with getting a good job and making alot of money.

and while looking for pictures and links for this entry i found this
so clearly i wasn't the only one thinking about how culturaly signifcant those little fraggles

though i am not quite as intrested in it as this person


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sometimes Deconstructionist is Just Dumb

so on to the affore mentioned Biennial

first we start with my new favorit artist Scott Treleaven

this man seams to have almost exactly my astetic.
he is into gay punk boys with a touch of the Baroque and Pagen thrown in for good mesure.

>>if i were to ever see this boy in person i would probably lose my ablity to speak.

of course the galery where this exibit was requred a long walk to the very edges of Manhatten. and at first i was sure that i had gotten my self lost in a wierd wharehouse construction area. but continuing forward i did find many a hidden galery including this one which i had been in search of.

this was also the first, hopefuly of manny outings inspired by things i read in the free papers that swarm around Park Slope.

i found this in The New York Blade one of two free gay papers in New York.

so i made today a fun fun day o' art and started with this.

from here the extream west side i made my way to the Whitney.

you would think that on a wednesday around 1:00 there wouldn't bee too many people adventuring to the great art fest that is the Biennial.

but allass there were tons of people, most of them young. and i am not a fan of young people (save for the occasional hot Emo boy)

finding a use for my old Hof ID i got my self reduced admission even though i graduated 10 months ago and am decidely not a student anymore.

on to the art.

there were alot of video instalations, and i made sure to give my self plenty of time so i could sit and watch as much as i wanted.

of course everbody there seamed to forget how to use dorways. people would constantly step into the doorway separating one of the videos from the main galery space and then STOP makeing it imposable for anyone to get into or out of the video instalations.

there were also people who liked to congregate around everything i wanted to see and or read. so i did alot of bobbing and weaving to navagate the exibit.

  • some stuff was realy self indulgent, wich is to be expected at a modern art show dedicated to the idea of being the "present/future" of american art but there was alot of stuff like this wich was just too "oh look at me i'm being all edgy and artistic"
  • then there was some nice and simple fun stuff to wach the kind of stuff that is just amusing and not "analized" "inverted" "de-conspetulized" or any other big art words.
  • there was, as always, the "oh look how creepy normal life can look"
  • an amazingly-rediculous-hardcore porn-fake-remake trailer for Caligula that even made me blush
  • of coures a whole room of black paintings and a few solid white ones too
  • A remake of a Duchamp exibit that was supposed to say something about ownership of ideas and how the idea of a remake is itself a new idea thus the new art is not a reproduction but actualy new work because the artist has incorporated the idea of ripp-off into the new work. wich is a little bit crap
  • there was also an artist who's "work" consisited of taking one of the inner walls of the galery and breaking out a large chunk and moving it 4 feet to the right.
  • and another that involved taking apart the display that had been in it's place before the biennaial and leaving behind bits of construction materials, aranged meticulously, in ways that were supposed to convey a "narrative"
so my determination is that deconstructions is dumb but most of the rest of the stuff was at least intresitng and a lot of it was definitly worth seeing and does show that the future of art in america is still well and good. (PS: Amy there was one peice that was making a giant ven-diagram on the floor in wax, it made me think about you(wich i was doing anyway being at the biennial without you.))

Post Biennial i Subwayed down to Union square and realized that the strand's dollar books are more fun to paruse when it's not freezing outside.

right now i need to buy more socks and finish my library book.

My horoscope told me to start a blog

after my return from the Biennial where i had been contemplating starting a blog, i flipped through this weeks Village Voice i came to the Horoscopes:
It's the Introspection Season, Capricorn. I encourage you to write copiously in a journal. Here are several themes that would be fruitful to explore: (1) Your most amazing qualities and your worst qualities. (2) The hundred things you want to accomplish in the next 30 years. (3) Your bitter complaints, horrendous pain, and lost dreams. (4) Everything you love and everything that's beautiful and everything that works. In addition to writing your heart out and your ass off, paste in cutout pictures from magazines, draw pictures, and ask friends to write messages to you.
so as the fates have asked i will start this blog and try to fullfil all of its requests.