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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pride Post as Promised

So as Promised i will stop Procrastinating and get to telling you about my weekend.

Pre-Party i did some shopping. mostly of the booze and snacks variety. but as i was wandering this lovely neigherbhood i decided to finaly stop into the Brooklyn Industries store. they have some nice stuff but not within my means as a lowly bookseller (PS i didn't get that job i interviewed for and the only reason i found out was because the guy in my book club who told me about the Postition told me they had hired some one, i could write a whole rant on how messed up the job interview Prossess is) so i bailed from there and continued on my treck for foodstufs. this time i also decided to check out what 4Play brooklyn was all about. it caries mostly fake retro stuff at un-necessary prices but near the rather skimpy sale section they had belts. and hanging right in front was a beautiful green spiky belt. now not that many People know that i have wanted one of those spikey belts for a very long time. i just think there so hot and Punk/emo (and i know there is a whole Poser issue in here but i will save that tedious discussion of who is "Truly" Punk for the elitist at interpunk forums). it didn't have a price on it so for a moment i was diswaied from my course but i asked one of the trendy (Please read this as an insult) ladies at the counter how much was that belt and was rewarded with a Price of $19. granted i still Probably shouldn't but i could not pass this up. so belt in tow i got some chips and such for the party and returned home. and imediatly put on the belt

Fast Forward through some realy impresivly fast and through cleaning by Jamie and Arusha to the Party.

it was nice because most of the People that i invited were coming late so at the begining i could just hang out and enjoy things not worying about keeping my guests entertained. though i did have to defend my music from brad who keept switching his iPod for my MP3 player. (eventualy i conceded as his music is a lot more party oriented then mine and still good). jack got back from work and cassie from her play (seeing, not in, though her roomate was in it). Me Jack Jaimie and Arusha did a house shot. i talked to a bunch of random Weslian kids. this party our living room actuly got alot of Play as it was substantialy cooler then the dining room and with the fan going was a realy comfortable room. Greg from work (see previous entry about making out with him) we hung out with cassie for a while. they talked about all things drama and i interjected my own coments. i was a little nervious about him being there because we haven't realy talked about making out and he's leaving (left) for Portland on wednesday and not entirely sure when/if he's coming back.

there was a bunch of Party like stuff and a little after midnight miss jess hoffman showed up and the Party was kicked up a notch. then my friend Jordan from my old Newburgh BN and his friend named Guy came and i gave them the tour (i think, i was starting to get prity drunk by then). i introuduced them around and we started to talk about his new apartment and the BN he works at (Lincon Center, which except for the rediclous comute sounds like a realy fun place to work). at some point Jaimie and Brad and his Boyfriend (who's name i can't remember) went up to the roof and i dicided it was a good idea to go up and join them. i'd never been on our roof before so that was a fun experiance. i was way more drunk then i should have been and ventured far too close to the edge at one point. but there is a nice set of tables up there and some grills and we sat around and watched Jaimie drink from "Big birtha" and had a delightful finalie to the evining.

i don't remember too much after that. i made jordan a drink and we talked about music, i kind of wonder how coherent i was. but that's not that important. it was nice to see him again he was one of my favorit people from BN Newburgh.

the next morning i woke up face first in my bed (which was nice) hung over (which wasn't but was expected) after a bit of recovery and breakfast me Jess, Brad and his boyfriend made the trip out to the East Village for the Pride Parade. i should mention that Jess started drinking as soon as she woke up and brough 2 cans of PBR to the Parade.

we found a place to watch and stood around waiting for the parde to get to us. and i was instantly reminded that i hate most gay people (i know that's bad of me to say but its true) there were alot of the crazy extreamly proud getto teenagers, old butch lesbian couples, undresed underaged hyper overexcited kids, middle aged gay men oggling said underaged kids. and a pantheion of gay steriotypes.

the Parade it's self was fun. it started out with the Dykes on Bikes and Jess got realy excited. then there were more gay people on motorcylces and then a bunch of anoying people in mazdas who were stoped in front of us for a long time and just continued to be anoying for longer then my snoby elitest self could apreciate. there were marching bands, flag dancers, gay policemen and firemen (who got alot of aplause, which makes me think that those right wing freaks should realize that we aren't out to destroy law and order) there were floats for all kinds of centers and orginizations with intresting combinations of people and dress on them.

after watching a good chunck of a very long Parade we met up with jaimie and had mexican on 6th and then me and jess walked over to the street fair. we grabed a bunch of free stuff and tried to get through all the crouds of crazy people. i ran into Greg for a quick moment and i also ran into mike glennon which was nice. i finaly got to meet howie (who is quite hot i must say, you go mike). after a swing through the street fair me and jess decided to go home as we were exausted and it was 7:30 we did stop at the oscar wild book shop on our way. its a realy nice place, it's like a mini gay version of work.

so it was a good Pride weekend. i saw a lot of nipples (most of them creepy and attached to old or crazy people) and generaly had a good time.

that was my weekend. and this was a long post. enjoy

The Books They Keep Me Up at Night

so Jess showed me this site called Library Thing. which is kind of amazing. it lets you keep track of all the books you own and give them tags and see what other people are reading and let other people see what you are reading

unfortunaly it is ruining my already fradgile sleep patters and is part (though there are other factors too) of why i haven't bloged my Pride weekend or anything much.

Here's the books in my library (though there are alot that i haven't added yet, and some i might leave off to protect my reputation as a book snob)

they have a thing so that you can show random books from your library in your blog and as soon as i figure out how to use it i will put it up.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pictures as Promiced

My Belt Matches My Underwear

I Win

I'm winning theis party

but mostly because i said so

and because my underwear matches my belt (pictuires to come eventaly)



Saturday, June 24, 2006

I <3 My Job

so other then the fact that tonight was boring and pointless i still love my job

why? you ask.

this is why:
This book doesn't come out till September. and i now have an advanced reader's copy so that i can enjoy it well before it is officialy released.

i rule
and am kind of a dork


Friday, June 23, 2006

Things I Have Done Recently

-was involed a kitten health emergencey and knowing where a good animal hospital in Park Slope sure helped out
-went to a mets game
-went to work alot
-helped to console my roomate after her breakup
-went for a run in the park
-made ten dollars helping my roomate transport a nice (functioning) set of drawers back to our appartment
-hatted my job
-still not gotten a call from the place where i interviewed last week (though i did call them and left a voicemail)
-bought more books then i should have
-went to a birtday BBQ for a guy i work with
-went to the bar post BBQ
-made out with cute boy i work with at said bar

there is more and some things inbetween but for now this will have to do as i am late for work

Friday, June 16, 2006

Too Much Music, Too Many Books

so what did i do with my day off, went to the used bookstores of course. cause i need more books. i spent over 40 on books today. and i still have three books out from the library and a bookshelf filled with books. and at least three boxes of books back at home.

My name is greenie and i am a bookaholic.

on that note i should anouce my upcoming spinnoff blog (assuming i ever get off my ass and start it)
Greenie's Review of Books

starting some day soon.
i don't know what the first book i will reviw will be but it will be a good review i promice

till then i'm still waiting to see if i have a real job
god i hope they call me back


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Greenie is Not so Good at Job Interviews

that's not entirely true, at least i hope.
mostly i'm just realy good at geting flustered and forgeting things
like the phone number of the old bookstore i worked at upstate. and thanks to a friend from back home who reponded to my text in a very timly fassion i didn't compleatly fuck up the application. other then my compleet lack of decent penmanship.
also the building is failry confusing by it's self. the address is on 6th ave but the actual entrance (or more acuratly entrances) are on 50th. and then when you get into the building there are alot of security guards and elevators but not a good idea of where to go. finaly i asked one of the security guards and they informed me that the place that looked like a small coffe shoppe was actualy the "reception area" they gave me a cute little pass that compleatly refused to stay attached to anyplace i put it, adding to my flusterdness.
so i get up to the office on the 12th floor and talk to the receptionist there and she hands me an application form and a pen. i don't konw why i was compleatly un prepared for this. so after alot of crappy penmanship and even more forgoten phone numbers and addresses i finished and handed it back to the recptionist. a few moments later she handed me the aplication back and a small slip of paper with directions of how to get to the woman who would be interviewing me.
back down on the elevator to the other set of elevators so that i could go to the third floor where i had to call this woman at her office. so after calling her i wait. for an anoying amount of time. finaly she arives and we go down to the second floor to find a small meeting room for the interview. she was the HR person so she asked a bunch of the more boring questions and i think i did ok but i always think i sound less coherant then i do. i just assume that if i'm talking something crazy must be comeing out of my mouth.
we finished interview part one and we went back up to the third floor and walked down a realy long hallway. the second woman i was supposed to talk to was in the middle of a call so i went with the first woman to her cubicle and sat around for a little while longer. watching her answer e-mail.
finaly the last part of the interview wich involves this second woman telling me almost the exact same stuff that the first one did and asking me a few questions and then asking me if i had any questions and i tried to make up some questions that didn't sound like i was mentaly deficiant but also wouldn't make me sound like i was bored with her. i compleatly fumbled trying to get out of her small and clutterd office and then i went back down the realy long hallway had a fight with the door to get back to the elevators and then left the big scary building.

wanderd around for a little while. not finding anything too intresting to do i got back on the subway and came home.
evining was me finishing reading my book and then i had dinner with the always fun jess hoffman.
today returning library books and trying realy hard (and failing) to only take out one book.
so now i have three more library books (atleast they are all under 200 pages) and a book club book to read allong with all the books i have on my bookshelf and three more coming in the mail soon.

i am a book junky.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Four Homos, A Bookstore, and a Parade

so, in an amazing conincidence (or as greg believes conspiracy) all of BN Park Slope's mos vocaly gay emploies. (there are those we have our suspisions about who have not made any declarations) anyway. all four of us: greg, the paistry chef, the lesbian who got my lead position and me are all sechedualed to work the closing shift together on saturday night. which would not be that big a problem if it was not also the night of the Brooklyn Gay Pride Parade. which none of us realized untill recently. so we spent yesterday trying to find people to cover our shifts.
unfortunatly another part of the coincidence/conspiracy is that everybody who isn't working that day. requested it off, or is on vacation. this is the bigest problem with being understaffed, no one can get a fucking shift coverd. so we 've been making the managers call up people and are about to resort to begging to get people to switch with us so that we can work early and make the night parade. i'm not sure if it will work. i have a feeling that one of us is going to have to keep our shift and just sit out the parade. which is a bummer but i will probably volunteer as that is just the kind of guy i am.
and i have a job interview on monday so i could be gone soon.
god i hope so.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Long Fake Weekend

One of the few nice things about a retail schedual is that i often get to have my weekend in the middle of the week. which means that i can (theoreticly) get more done, with less people around also haveing the day off and doing all those weekend things.

this weekend i accomplished much

-watche Cochella documentary featureing my personal favorite Bright Eyes and a bunch of other crazy indie bands rockin' out in a delightful grass field
-got a mini batch of laundry done including my sheets and some towels. i almost didn't, my lazyness almost won out.
-did various houshold things like the dishes and cleaning my room.
-met up with Catlin and her awsome boyfriend Matt and had dinner here in the slope at a rediculously purple dining establishment named Beet.
-F trained to the bar where Joe works for way too many free drinks. the bar has a stupid name (Fuel Ray, which is aparently the name of a fish) Joe made me fun gin drinks, inluding a mojito and something that involved redbull and tasted like a jollyrancher. i also had a fair amout of Matt's scotch for no apparent reason.
-deciding that i was too enebriated to return to my appartment by my self (and remembering the New Years story from jan 2005)
i hopped into the cab with Caitlin and Co. and returned to her appartment where i slept on the couch.
-wrote the aforemention line of prose on my leg with a magic marker and then went to sleep
-spent most of the morning trying to keep her new kitty "Scout" from eating my face, fingers, and toes.
-esscorted Caitlin to her first dog walking with Matt being my own personal Farnsworth Bently
-chai at New York Muffin
-tea room breakfast with the grumpy Joe
-call from publishing company about a job interivew
-call back publishing compay set up interview
-watch crazy french sex movie

the end
so now i have a job interview on monday and i'm realy hopeful about it.
and this weekend is Brooklyn Pride parade which should be going by my appartment.

fun fun

This is What Happens When Greenie Can't Find a Peice of Paper

He writes what could be the potential first line of a novel on his leg. granted i was realy drunk and at caitlin's place.
for those of you who can't read my handwriting (which is most people) it says

"this is the way things work up here."
he heard through foggy ears and closed eyes
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Friday, June 02, 2006

Dispatches from W-Burgh

so it's been a while.

lets start with an update.
the boy from the previous post, the one i met at work. we had two dates before i realized i wasn't intrested in him enugh to keep waisting his time. he was very nice and he was intresting but we didn't have enugh in common to have a realy good conversation and i just wasn't that attracted to him. so i told him so. of course i was tremendously neurotic about it. i had a long conversation with amy about how i'm woried that i didn't like him because i'm crazy and just don't like anyone who actualy likes me and that i will never finde someone. then amy reminded me that i'm not that crazy and that i will find someone and that when it is right i will know it.

without that girl i know i would go crazy. she always knows what to tell me so that i don't let my crazy mind take over and freak me out about my life. she believes in me even when i don't.

Happy B-day hot stuff.

other things that have happend in my life.
boring weekend at home alone.
great memorial day picknick with the roomies and Jess and some frizzbe and wierd park slope kids.
too many books, i spent two whole days at work moving the entire computer section, which was nicely engrosing but alot anoying. it made the day go fast but it required alot more then i usaly have to give at work.

then came my two days off.
yesterday was a mini library trip. i love walking along the park up to the library with my MP3 player giving me a soundtrack. i didn't check anything out because i'm trying to finish the books i still have out and then get to some of the books on my bookshelf and i have a bookclub now and i need to make sure i read that book too.
from the library i walked to the Atlantic center which houses the target. i needed shorts. the only pair i have were old dress pants that i cut off and they look a little silly and i needed a second pair because its starting to get damn hott. so after abunch of wandering around the other crazy stores in the Atlantic center i went to target and grabed a pair of generic cargo shorts for like $17 better then the $24 at old navy for basicly the same thing. i also got two polo shirts and a bunch of kitchen stuff we needed.
then there was the long walk home from so far away.
watched netflix movies, Garson Stupid(intresting french movie about a slutty teenage boy) and Transamerica which was amazing. first of all i love felicity huffman (Dana for you Sports Night freak(like me)). and the story was so intresting and moving and funny and just realy well done. it doesnt hurt that the kid who plays her son is hot and spends alot of time naked or very close to it.

today was filled with more books.
first a trip to the post office and the longes line ever to send out a B-day card that will almost definitly be late (sory dan i tried).
then a tour of the indi bookshops on 7th
ended up with five more books to add to my bookshelf.
-the history of ideas
-outline of my lover
-brief interviews with hideous men
-take the canolli
-a paris review with an interview of Murakami
back home i got all domestic and did the dishes and cleaned my room.

and now i'm up in williamsburgh helping caitlin remodel (which translates to i put up her curtins that had fallen down and nailed a shelf to the wall) there was some laundry and a great conversation about hopes and fears and rolemodels and what we want for the world. now i'm watching her clean her room for her very hot boyfriend who is comeing down this weekend and staying for a while. i'm also being throughly entertaind by her new kitten who is running around and attacking thins. he's so cute.

working for the next four days. then maybe doing some other stuff. well see.

there is an up coming party
i will keep you posted.