it ain't easy being Green(ie)

Friday, September 29, 2006

I can't fucking win in this town

i just can't
banjo player spent most of the night hitting on some other chick.(this will make more sense when i explain it sober)
i realy can take this kind of getting my hopes up just to be dashed against the rocks of "breeders" much longer
i don't whant Mr. right i just want Mr. for the next few weeks

realy i just want to get laid by some one who doesn't listen to madona all the time

god damn it

Monday, September 18, 2006

1...2...3... Strikes Your Out

Scene: caitlin's going away party at her and Meridith's apartment (now Meridith and Joe's). me dressed as the cutest dickensian street urchin ever (again i was the only one who followed the party theme) and bearing the most bitchin vegan pumpkin cheesecake south of Beth P.

Strike 1.

so when i get there there are already a few people there and miss caitilin is basking in the dificult to achive attentions of Mr. Castillo but i put down my baked offerings and interup. it was nice to see caitlin after so long. she's part of why i wanted to move to the city and i realy am going to miss her.
after our hugging and going through all the people i haven't seen in a while saying hello i come back to the kitchen to have some of my own cake. in the kitchen smoking out the window is a beautiful boy, and even more excitingly somone i've never meet before and thus there is all kinds of potential. we introduce our selves and chat for a momnet before i go back to caitlin to ask her about bostan and her new job.
while caitlin is sneeking into meridith's room to grab something out of her bag i ask the all important question "so what do we know about this person" she and Matt quicly realize what the real relevent peice of information i want is and set out to do some inquiring.

and of course not only is he not he has a fucking girlfriend.
strike one.

Strike 2.

realing from another in a long line of "straight"boys and still hungover from a rediclous party with some coworkers the night before i sit and talk with the amazing Beth P and Matt hoping to vent some of my frustration and inixplicably try to convince Beth not to fight any one (except maybe this newist boy).
in stroles another set of new people 3 of Caitlin's co-workers from her stint teaching at a geek summer camp and one girlfriend. the one with the girlfriend attached isn't my type so that's not so bad but the other. the other is quite cute in my favorit dorky way. and the first thing i hear come out of his mouth is "bla bla bla my boyfriend bla" which was kindof like being drown to death in champaigne. finaly Caitlin makes friends with an attractive (at least to me) gay boy and he's got a boyfriend (who's name is garth by the way(WTF))

strike two.

Strike 3.

sitting and talking with these new people (actulaly it was more like sitting near them while they talked to eachother, they were a bit cliquie) hearing him explain more and more about why he would be a great boyfriend for me. the party has started to pick up and i'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed like i usaly do at Caitlin's partys (especialy if i'm not drunk)
i move into what used to be Caitlin's room and is now Joe's and stake out some room on the bed and watch the party get more and more rediclous from there. Mr. taken soon leaves and then who should show up. the same group that always shows up to Meridith's party's i like to call them The Gay Steriotype Parade.
1 the amature porn star: with blowjob lips and a face that shows off the fact that he hasn't thought about anything more intelectualy taxing then madona or dance clubs in at least three years
2 the music trendster: who would not shut the fuck up about the god dam scissor sisters and kept changing the music (a big no-no at caitlin's parties)
3 the two less attractive super queens: basicly imagine Jack from will and grace as a 6'6" shaven head man and a short acknied 19 year old
4 the "straight man": who is wearing a fucking vest and holding his cigaret like 20's flapper girl and giggling back and forth around the party

strike three
your out!!

considdreing the proximity of joe's bed to an open window it took alot of strength not to just rool out of it. as it was if it hadn't been caitlin's going away party i would have probably just left. there is only so much emotionaly beating i can take. but i stuck around and slept over (ps Mr. strke one decided to start reading Wuthering hights of off mer/joe's bookshelf that morning (seriously not gay? are you kidding me?)) we had a lesurly mornign then a fun hipster breakfast of bagles in McCarrin park. then i retured to P-Slope to spend another 8 hours of my life shilling books.


Friday, September 01, 2006

Welcome Home! Can I Go Back Now?

so yea i'm home, have been for a few days (got back friday night about 5 minutes before arusha got home, we have amazing timing.) and thank you to Jaimie, Erin, Jess, and Jack for the welcome home mini-festivites.

thoughts on being home.

- it is defintly warmer her then back in edinburgh.
- its nice to sleep in a real bed (as much as i loved your couch Amy)
- not lugging around all or most of my stuff everyday has been nice and i don't have bruses on my shoulders anymore
- i would say a steady internet connection but thouse of you who live with me know that ours has quite the tendincey to flake out (and a contiuous connection is starting to be like crack for me)
- knowing exactly how much something is worth in dollars (and not haveing to use Pounds which are bitch slaping dollars in the exchange world)

thoughts on not being in london any more (this list will be significantly longer)

- british boys how i will miss you
A) british boys know how to wear a suit without looking like an Evil investment banker or Vile entertainment lawyer
B) the ability to wear long shorts and other more experimental fashions witout looking like a Git
C) less agressivly macho and thus much less frighting and Cro-magnon[sic]
- London is such a literary city. in addition to having many literary landmarks the home of many famous authors (a bunch of whome were not even british) and the most uplifting - marketing wise - thing i've seein in a while Advertisements for books all over train/subway stations.
- also alot more public art and not just the kind where disgruntled youths spray things on walls but actualy sanctiond and funded art all over the place.
- the only subway system that even comes close to the clenlyness of Tokyo's
- but it's not so clean that it looks creepy
- did i mention how hot the boys were (yea i thought so but it does bear repeating)
- it's more international then NYC, as much as NYC is a prety dam international city there are more nationalites represented in London and they are more visable and alot of them just aren't visiting.

ok this list could go on for a while so i'm going to stop here if you would like to know more about my intence desire to become a resident of London feel free to ask (if you know of a way for me to become a Londoner please let me know. i am at this moment looking into grad school across the pond but i'm sure there are other options. perhaps there is a brit who would be willing to marry me so i can get citizenship (does it even work that way there?))

oh, on a side note i need some one to pester me when i don't update this blog as i am more frequetnly lazy then i would like and having some one to harp on me when i get too lax with this would be apreciated. please submit applications for the position in the comments section.