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Thursday, April 27, 2006

It Has Been Brought to My Attention

that i have neglected to blog on the events of last saturday night and more importantly our Ho's Warming party (or House warming party to everone who isn't amy).

well ok then

so we as a house managed to pull together a sizable quantity of beer wine and vodka for our party much to the thanks of perservierance and the NFT guide to brooklyn. and we invited a nice amout of people from very disprate places. so all in all our party was a huge success. none of my HS friends came but i'm not that bumed about it but Paul and Mayo came and that made me happy. i haven't seen Paul in a while and he is one of my favorit people and the always lovely Mayo, there were other Hof guests including Heaton wich means that half of the "camping trip of doom" was in the apartment. and of course Bunny, Jack's former roomate and the first victem of an Amy nickname, stoped by. in non-Hof news Mike my friend who lives in Jersey City stoped in and spent all of the night talking to one of the weslian kids who's name is something like Kerian or Carin i don't remember (i'm shit with names). also in attendance was Kaitlin, taking the long trip from three blocks away to join the fun and there was also Derek and Jimmy from Albany who stoped by after geting lost trying to get from Manhattan to Brookly (they called me and asked for directions which was quite pointless). two of my BN coworkers also showed up (though i only techicly invited one person at work) and the elder of them became nicknamed Old Guy for the rest of the party (which he stay at far longer then i would have wanted him too). PS:i interview for his job tomrow as he is moving back to Philly.

Lets see who else was there. there was the Caitlin-Matt-Joe-Meridith whirl wind that blew into my room smoked a cylindrical pressent from Joe and then departed. it was a perfect moment just quietly partying in my room with some delightful people while there is a raging party going on outside.

Arusha got out of work and started drinking around 11:15 and was drunk by 11:30 and started to run around doing all kinds of odd things like climbing the walls and forcing everone to eat bananas so that they "wouldn't be drunk" there was also an extended time of sitting on the kitchen floor featuring Me, Jack, Cassie, and Shesta(Jack's former roomate also named John). folowing this was a nice session of me and Cassie half passed out on Jack's bed hiding from "Old Guy"/being tired. finally around 3 all the people who weren't staying the night left and that left everone who was staing the night (which was alot of people) to try to find beds. i took mike to my room and the people he was talking to slept out on the futon in the dining room, jess hoffman passed out on the couch, as did Jamie's other friend that came "the guy with the deap voice" Brad, Cassie obviously slept in Jack's bed and i think Shesta slept in Arusha's bed.

the next mornign everone was awoken aroun 8 when Arusha had to go to work and woke up the kid with the deep voice. me and mike did not emerge from my room so we missed what would turn out to be brunch part one or how to get realy realy soaking wet walking to get food on a sunday morning. after they returned and started to bake their wet cloths in the oven we joined them and had some more dance party moments while Brad a tall strong looking felow walked around in a pink towel waiting for his pants to finish cooking. there were some fights over music and the admarition of the music Brad had attached to the computer in the dining room (it did include the Clash, a must for everyone, even gay boys). so after a few more departures, Brad, Mike and the two guys he spent most of the night talking to. it was down to Me, Cassie, Jack, Jess, and Shesta for brunch part two or how to thorughly embarras Arusha at work by having jess spill honey mustard all over her self. and as a bonus by the time we left the sun was bright and everthing was drying out.

the rest of the day was spent
cleaning up which didn't take that long
finding and activating a wireless router for our internet (a project that still isn't totaly finished as our legal internet is sucking)
taking stock of all the beer that people had brought with them and hadn't been opend (we have beer for at least another week and a half)
jess didn't leave untill around 8 (she said every hour on the hour that she should leave)

it was a good two day stretch

now if you will excuse me i have to work for the next 6 days in a row (including today that's 7, Fuck BN they better promote me and pay me more for this shit)

i will try to put up something in that time but i make no garuntees.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Triptych Blog: Part Three, Tonight

i realy do like the bullet point format. but onward and upward.

so yes yesterday began the weekend of fun and doom and other rediclous adjctives.
caitlin's party was great, her theam was amazing, Summer Camp. of courese only a 1/4 of the people who showed actulay respected the theam. then there were the other hippsters who just showed up. the same people who keep showing up at caitlin's parties even though the never seem to be having fun or talk to anyone other then the people who they came with.
Caitlin's boyfriend continues to be amazing and nice to look at too. we bonded over the increadibly anoying guy who whould not shut the fuck up about how he was a "writer" he was one of the single worst WORST people i have ever met. he was a loud drunk who for no apparent reason would attmpt to rap and beat box and talk about where he had been published me and matt both decided that he needed to not exist and attempted to convince him to kill himself to improve his art. but allass he did not fall for it, instead we kept running away from him.
and once all four of the gay guys in caitlin's social circle had arived and i rememberd that i don't really want to sleep with any of them ever and most of them i don't even realy want to talk to (Glennon being the exception, we had a nice conversation about writers and McSweeney's) and then Madona came on the playlist i knew it was time to leave.

PS: I wone the bake off as i was the only one who brough anything and they were some damned amazing brownies

a brief chat with Matt in the stairwell where he was hiding from the "writer" and the jam packed appartment of hippsters i headed home.

as for today. i prepared for the long walk to target to get a wireless router to hopefuly alevieate our pirate status. but lucaly there is a radioshack right across from where i work so i spent most of the time i saved by going to the two used bookstores further up the road.

quite the hubbub around here we all have things to do and people to meet and call and give directions too

so far all of my HS friends are not comming. wich is a little bit of a bummer but what ever
but derek is comming which is very nice
and a bunch of people i don't know are comming wich will be something
good or bad i won't know untill i meet them

ok time to finish off this triptych

the next post will be post
-clash of my personal sexual history
-clash of hofstra/weslian
-housewarming party sans amy (sad)
-post second drunk night in a row
-post we actualy live here

yea i live in brooklyn

A Triptych Blog: Part Two, Bullett Points - - The Blog

Due to both the F train and my shitty-still-pirated-internet-which-i-intend-to-fix-soonTomorow Morning today's Yesterday's post will be entirly in bullett points (sans powerpoint style flourishes)

  • I met the reason why i don't say i moved to brookly to wirte
    -He gives anyone who puts pen to paper a bad name
    -"if alieans were to arive at earth, meet him first, and then decide to destroy us i would totaly understand" Matt (Caitlin's BF)
  • Caitlin's Friends are awsome
  • Caitlin's Friend's Friends suck
  • I realy am her hottest gay friend
  • A bathtub full of beer is a great idea till there is a line for the bathroom
  • 2/3 of my sexual history might Will be here tomorow and the boy from work who i might want to sleep with
    -if i don't get any romorow night god realy does hate me (i'm leaving this in despite the fact that due to too many people i can/want too hook up with will not gaurente me any and will probably make things very complicated)
  • i went to High School with Cassidy and 4 years of college and today i had the longest conversation with him in 5 years
  • he managed to not talk about himself which for him is a bit of an achevement
  • trying to read quasi-existentialst fiction while still mostly drunk on a suway leaveing the hipster capitol of the world when there are abunch of kids randomly speeking russian around you, not productive
  • my life is good, i think i might almost be able to come to tears with that
  • i'm glad caitlin got into fordam i think she is so worth it.
  • and i don't want her to leave the ciy ever(at least not whil i still live here)
  • My mom sent me easter candy and girl scout cookies, i realy am lucky
  • my dad buys me books and give me free classic (good classic like Dylan and John Fayhe) rock
  • wow. i think i am actualy happy i'm not sure how to deal with this
  • I know shut up and go to bed
  • I have a party tomorw

A Triptych Blog: Part One, Clearification

Ok so in honnor of amy's recent trip to the Trienial at the Tate (i think it's the Tate it could be another museam you should ask her about it) today's blog will come in three parts.

it's also due to the fact that our internet was being a bitch last night. or more acuratly i was still using the internet we pirate from Deardra and hadn't set up our wireless network yet.

so first i will put in the stuff i wrote down in this note book when i got home from Caitlin's party. it will be slightly edited (not for spelling as you may have realized i don't care about acurate spelling) mostly for my own embarisment as some of the stuff i have written would make me look bad.
all edits will be made in red

so on with the show

Friday, April 21, 2006

day off

yea, after a six day run of working at the BN i finaly get to have a day off. and i actualy managed to do things in that day off.
  1. Laundry: i now have clean socks again. and i finished reading a not so great book. there were quite a few people at the laundrymat this time around all of them looking suficiently "Bohemian" to belong in this neighberhood.
  2. Food Shoping: i was in need of more cereal and bread and i had to stock up on bevrages for caitlin's party tomorw. yea i haven't been to summercamp in quite a while. i hope there are some hot campers who don't mind a little boy boy-scout fun.
  3. Cleaned My Room: not that spectacular of an acompleshment but there will be alot of people here this weekend including 2 out of the 3 boys i have slept with. so the place needs to look good
  4. Baked Brownies: for the bake off at caitlin's williamsburgh camp tomorow with the aforementioned scout sex.
  5. Went in search of a Liquor Store: failed to find one both oppen and with sufficant supplies for our needs. i'm suggesting we each by two six packs on the way home from work
  6. Baked Self: as you may be aware the date of April 20th can be a rather fun holliday. we selebrated by partaking in the traditional inhalation of mind altering substancs. and proceded to watch The Daily Show/The Colbert Report block of fun. yes we were those kids, the ones who get stoned and watch john stewart. and i swear to god they both knew that their audience would be stoned. the daily show was on the top of it's game and Colbert made not only two pot jokes but a whole long shakespear "The Word" Segment that almost made me cassie and Jack pass out laughing. and what was the deal with ted kennedy's overly prepared speach and Ralph Nader's cocky "only i can save the world from dooom and destruction" bullshit.
ok i have to go to work tomrow mornign at 845 so i'm going to go to bed and get ready for the double shot parties this weekend


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

i'm not dead . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Yet

i will update more tomorw when i have slept and after i finish doing laundry i just felt the need to make sure people knew i wasn't dead. though i have though about how it would be an improvement over the last 6 days of work.

books suck


Saturday, April 15, 2006

Running in circles?

i feel like i have a lot of great stuff in my head but i can't get any of it out. and even when i try it just sounds silly or pathetic. and i know that this kind of self loathing is an even worse cleshe then being an aspiring wirter in NYC. and i realy hope i'm not just bitching about how i feel untalented and usless to get sympathy from my friends because if i have reached that level of tacky cleshe i realy might have to kill my self.

ok so that was sad.

lets move on
i lack focus. i need to pick and idea/project and see it through or i'm going to be working at BN for the rest of my life and that is just not a happy prospect.

now this is much easyier said then done. and i'm not going to lie and say that i know i can do it but i realy am going to try. and i know that i have alot of support, i just need to get off of my mental ass and do something.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

my friends need more (hot gay) friends

so, last night while in the process of inviting people to our housewarming party (which you should attend, unless you are out of the country in which case i shall excuse you) i was told by two seprate friends that i was the only attractive gay friend they had. (i was encouraging them to bring attractive boys for me to try to make out with at my party) one of these people was a former co-worker from when i still lived at home with my parents and i would understand him not having that many attractive gay friends as the area where we live is mostly fat-goth-redneck-getto kids. but the boy goes to FIT which is teaming with gay men, granted most of them are probably tremendously anoying but still there have to be a few intresting gays for him to be friends with.
the other person was Caitlin, unfortunatly i know most of her friends and she's right.

oy, i demand all of my friends go out and make friends with new and attractive gay boys so that you can bring them back to me.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

i know everything?

so apparently i am supposed to know the phone number for the literary agent of Dan "i was a desrace to american litrature and all i got was this huge royalty check" Brown.

the conversation went like this
"How can i help you"
"can you give me the number for Dan Brown's literary agent"
"umm, we don't have that number"
"WHAT, what do you mean you don't have it"

aparently this number is supposed to be poasted in all bookstores around the world.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Drunken Subway ride home

first drunken post: awsome, stupid, indifrent

so yea.

jack and arusha's weslian friend kinda hott
barcade has no hot boys but plenty of fun and nostalgic video games
jamie may or may not be asleep already.

i had more to say but i have forgotten because of beers i don't know the name of

fuck yea
ps. Still Fuck MoMA

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Fuck MoMA

yea that's right Fuck MoMA

so today to fight the bordom, angst and malise. (yea that's right i said malise want to make something of it?) of yesterday i decided that today i would go to MoMA. as my mother is for no apparent reason a member of MoMA we have a card that gets free admission to the museam. so after a very convienient subway trip from my apartment to the exact block of MoMA i entered their glass and steel edifice. walked through the loby up to the gentalman taking tickets and presented the card.

"you can't use this its for a woman named Rosemary"
"yes i know that's my mother"
"these cards are not transferable."
"but i've gotten in with this before"
"well someone wasn't paying attention"

pretentious elitest snoby art fuck.
so i can't use a card registerd to my mother (who by the way lives about 65 miles away and spends far too much time working on art by some of the same artists housed in their very collection) because what it might cost the MoMA too much to let one poor 23 year old kid in. no instead i am expected to spend $20 to get in. wich is in an of it's self Fucking outragious. the point of a museam is to make art acceable to everyone. i understand that they just got a new building and they do have to employ people and such, but making the entrance fee that high compleatly negates the point of haveing a museam at all. even the student amout of $12 is more then necessary. why can't the rich fucks who can actualy afford to buy art just help finance the fukcing museam or their rediclously over priced high designe trinkest they sell in the museam store.

now i know that it is his job to not let me in, but it is the kind of job where who the Fuck is going to care if he does let me in. obvioulsy nothing if i have be let in 3 previous times all with no obvious earth shattering reprcussions. if that Fuck wad could posably get fired for letting me in with my mother's member card then i would take the firing and start working for a less demonic company.

so instead i wanderd through their over crouded bookshop tried not to stab one of the passing tour groups of highschoolers and was dumped unserimoniously onto 5th ave. a great place for someone who already feels poor to have to walk around. so also Fuck 5th ave.

to fill my now unplaned day i walked from columbus circle to union square.

Fuck MoMA


today was not that great of a day,

first off was the snow, i'm very, very over snow at this point i just want it to be warm and nice out already. but at least today was my day off so i didn't have to go outside in the snow. unfortunatly the only time i left my appartment today was to walk one block away to the mail box to drop off the Netflix DVD i watched this morning. other then that i've been inside all day suffering from an anoying combination of ADD and moddyness. i watched two movies, ate more then i realy needed too and tried to write, which so far feels like a tremendous failure.

at least right now i feel like everything i write is stupid and trivial and that no one will ever want to read my pointles museings. but then i think that thinking like that is way overdramatic and and and even worse cleshe. oy.

and i realy need to find some other kind of job because i don't think i can survive here on just the money BN pays me but every time i look through craigslist i feel like i am compleatly unqualified for everything.

i'm just having one of those days where i'm sure the the only remotly markatble skill i have is my crapy and pointless writing wich no one is ever going to pay me for. which i know isn't true and i know i should just shut up as i am being self indulgent and pathetic.

argh. i definilty need to get out of the house tomrow. any one have any ideas of where i should go?

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

this is where i would put a picture of fact that it is snowing out side

but my stupid digital camera refuses to take a damn picutre

anyone want to buy me a new one?

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

does the red subway stop at memory lane

yes, yes it does,

today i took a wander around manhattan, stoping at a few oddly nostalgic places.

first stop was the library, wich didn't remind me of anything other then the fact that i have been there 4 times now and i've only lived her for a month. one of the perks of not having cable is that you read alot more. not counting the book i finished reading on the drive down here when i first moved in, i have read 7 books since i moved in here. i also watched a bunch of netflix DVDs and i still keep up with the shows i like through the magic of the internet.

so after the library i went into midtown. to a bookstore (yea i know i spend alot of time at book related places) the name of this bookstore is Book-off it is actualy a japanese chain of used bookstores. being there reminded me of japan, mostly the looking around and not knowing what anything said, but also the fun of flipping through manga you can read just to find the hot boy on boy sex secenes. after a few wanders around their dollar books, which by the way are not nearly as bizzarr or fun as the ones at the strand, i decide i would go to the other stop i had planed.

but first i realized that i was going to walk by the New York Public Library, to wich i had never been, so ofcourse i stopped in. (yea i know i have a problem with books, what do you want from me) the NYPL is a bit of a confusing place but very nice. it's all marble and looks like it could make for a nice tomb if needed. on the top floor they were having a special exibit of historic maps. i was disapointed that they didn't have the Americo Vespucci map that gave the america's their name but they did have a map of london that reminded me of Amy. there were also some groovy Subway maps from the 70s that looked like bad disco versions of the london tube map. but having explored the library i moved on.

the next stop was a clothing store called UniQlo. which is kinda like the Japanese version of H&M. the store was in SoHo a place garenteed to make just about anyone feel poor. especialy if that some one is not geting payed near enugh at his bookstore job to afford anything in about a 30 block radius. but the UniQlo was actulay fairly resonably priced, but it didn't have nearly as much as it's Tokyo cousins but if i find my self in the market for more cloths and have any money that doesn't need to go to food or rent then i will definitly head back.

walking up to houstan street to find an F subway to get home i ran into an American Apparel. i love this store but it always makes me think of how expensive it can be to be socialy responsable, right now and for most of my life sweat shop labor is what i can afford and when i can i will definitly use my money to buy more ethical clothing but for now old navy will have to do. AA also remindes me of Derek. i once accompanied him to another of their locations and we spent a good deal of time looking for shirts for him and had some quality time together in the dresing room where i got to watch him undress and then put on tight t-shirts. we also bought some of their fun colured underwear (i of course have green).

a few blocks later i was at my subway and came home on a rather packed comuter train much like japan only with less asian people.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

These Things I've Done

So, What have i been up to?

lets see,

- there was Johnny Cash/Hank Williams night at Buttermilk:
a crazy collection of half old-school country folk, most of whom were actualy old, and half crazy Brooklyn hipsters. there were about 20 performers including a guy who looked 12, a person playing the slide guitar who was of indeterminate gender, one guy in a tweed blazer who was way too hipster for his own good and who according to cassie only looked good when he was singing. there was also a table full of crazy looking lesbians including the first asian i've ever seen wearing a flanel plad shirt, at this table was also the second gender ambiguous person of the evening. there was also the team of emo boys over in the corner who were wearing the most Wezzer-ish glasses i have ever seen.
we spent a good deal of time there standing the the most akward possition posable. derectly in the way of just about everone in the bar who was trying to get anywhere. we heard many a johnny and Hank song but only one that we actulaly knew. there were also alot of rule breaking by the "band" who kept plaing songs by people who were neither Johnny Cash nore Hank Williams, but still a good time was had by all.

- went out with Katlin last night to Comonwelth the 4th closest bar to our home. (1st being 12th street bar & grill, 2nd Johnny Mack's, 3rd Bar 4, 5th Buttermilk(wich ive been to 4 times in the last month(one more time then ive been to the library))). met some of her fiends and played a few rounds of kill/marry/fuck. including one round of bar patrons that got very confusing. i've now met a person who has had sex in 3 convents and a confessional(that didn't involve priests and small boys). Jamie met us just in time for Katlin's friends to meet her then leave. but we stayed and disscused summer in the city and working with criminals.

- took an epic walk all over park slope to find a decent pair of socks, that did not work out so well. so today i walked up to Target wich is about 2 miles away from my appartment. at least it was a nice day and even when it rained fairly hard for a good ten minutes it wasn't a bad trip plus now i have more socks and won't have to do laundry so damn often.

now i have to see if Katlin still wants to go to Tea Lounge.